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  1. Recruitment Manpower of expertise (doctors & nurses).
  2. Providing of medicine & all medical supplies from Brand Company with high quality degree.
  3. Rental of high quality of ambulance according to standard medical requirements.
  4. Providing of in-site & mobile clinics with all medical equipment from a high quality brand company in addition of expertise medical staffs.
  5. Providing of Work fitness certificate &periodic personal medical test.
  6. Supplying of Safety required equipment in the camps of oil services sector & staffs training on hygiene & health status.
  7. Special Medical Services:
  • Water test: Monthly water test analysis for Chemical & bacterial content.
  • Drug & alcohol test: Medical checking for detecting peoples ingesting alcohol & preventive medicine that must do it every 6 months for all people working on oilfield.
  • Providing of Pest control system for oilfield camp with expert staff & brand chemical materials with specific schedule for killer of insects, rodents, scorpion & snake.


All of services with high level of quality, more precise & affordable prices. Kindly fell free & don’t hesitate to contact us any time.



Eng. Mohammed Abdulhafidh Alrahmani

CEO of Royal Crown Co.

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