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– Supplying of all kinds of materials, Spare parts, daily necessaries items & housing supplies in oilfield camps.

– Transportation & delivery of products & materials.

– Supplying of Ro water with proper water tankers.

– Rental of load vehicles, Cranes, Forklifts in different location with qualified drivers having defensed driving license & Safety certificates.

– Catering services.

– Recruitment of manpower according to the required positions.

– Flight tickets reservation, Legal for visa & Security clearance for oilfield location.

– Maintenance Management:

  • Repair & Installation of electrical & mechanical material.
  • Providing of Plumbing and Sanitation Specialists.
  • Welding work with high experience welders & certified equipment.
  • Civil work: excavate & prepare the ground that relates to oilfield locations, Asphalt, Soil stabilization.
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